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Expand---Plus-iconMarch 17, 2020 – May 2020 Graduation
Expand---Plus-iconMarch 15, 2020 – VHCC Operations Update 2
Expand---Plus-iconMarch 12, 2020 – Initial COVID-19 VHCC Response
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 CURRENT STUDENT SCHEDULE STATUS (last updated 3.17.2020 @ 4:33 PM):

Spring break for students will be extended by an additional week, March 16-20, 2020. Students and outside guests should not visit campus. The Testing Center and Computer Labs will be closed. Beginning Monday, March 23, 2020, VHCC classes will be taught via alternative delivery methods. Please check your VHCC student email, Canvas, and this COVID-19 portal for forthcoming updates.



Spring 2020 Grading System - March 18, 2020


Please use the MyVHCC portal to access email, course content, and other student information during VHCC’s response to the COVID-19 event.

Please use the Online Learning Student Resources page to find tutorials on MyVHCC, Canvas, Zoom and other helpful information for students


  • VHCC Grading System for Spring 2020 Semester - March 27, 2020

Dear VHCC Students,
Congratulations --  you’ve reached an important milestone today:  you’ve completed the first week of remote learning as a VHCC student!  I’m very thankful for your patience and resilience as this semester has become a different journey than we ever dreamed when you started the term in January.  I know it is challenging, but please know how very proud I am of you.
We know that many of you have already begun to look past this unusual semester, and you have started thinking about your grades.  We’ve been thinking about that too, and I want to share with you that yesterday the Virginia Community College System finalized a revised policy to modify the grading system for all 23 Virginia community colleges for the Spring 2020 semester.  Here’s what you should know now:  effective for the regular 2020 Spring term, we’ll move to a simplified Pass/Withdraw/Incomplete grading scale.  There will be two “Pass” options to be awarded for completing the course objectives – one option for courses to transfer, and the other option for courses not transferring (more details to come).  “Withdraw” is an option if you don’t feel like you can successfully pass the course, even with extra time. “Incomplete” may be given for a class that is almost done when the term ends, and the student and instructor agree on a plan to complete it within the next semester.   The Pass/Withdraw/Incomplete grades will be on your transcript, but will not be used in calculating GPA.  We’re also developing a system for students to specifically request the traditional letter grade, if they want it, and we’ll have more details on that very soon too.
We’ve taken this extraordinary step in light of the difficult issues related to the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.  We will have more information for you as soon as possible, including the steps you can choose going forward.  The most important message I have for you today is that this grading system is being put in place to ensure that your academic progress is not negatively impacted and that you and your plans for the future are not harmed.
Please continue to be safe and care for your friends and family with good social distancing and hygiene practices.  Keep up with VHCC through the website, Canvas, and regular communication with your faculty.  I can’t wait to see you back on campus!
Adam Hutchison, Ph.D.
Virginia Highlands Community College

  • Classes Moving to Alternative Delivery Methods - March 17, 2020

Dear VHCC Students,

I know that this news will not come as a surprise to you, but because of COVID-19, VHCC will begin teaching classes via alternate delivery methods beginning Monday, March 23, 2020.

What does this mean for you?  First and foremost, it means that we are doing everything possible to keep your educational journey on track.  Faculty are moving classes to alternate delivery methods, including online via Canvas, video conferencing , chat rooms, and even phone conferencing.  We’re finalizing solutions for clinical and preceptor placements, lab/shop classes, and co-op assignments.  Student services personnel have creative solutions to provide support for you related to advising, registration, financial aid, etc.  We’ll be ready to go on Monday.

You will hear from your faculty in the next few days regarding the specifics of your classes; please regularly check your VHCC student email, Canvas, and the VHCC website.  We recognize that moving classes to this new platform may present a challenge for some of you who have limited access to computers, a tablet, phone, and the internet.  Please be assured that we are working to minimize the impact on you, and you’ll get more information about those options before classes resume on Monday.  I really appreciate your patience as we work through the details during this unusual time.

We also learned today that all Virginia community colleges’ spring graduations and pinning ceremonies have been cancelled.  While we’re disappointed too, students who complete their programs this spring will still graduate.  And though we will not be able to honor your achievements in a formal ceremony in May, we are already planning alternative ways to celebrate your achievement.

Please be safe, everyone, and I look forward to seeing you back on campus soon!

Adam Hutchison, Ph.D.

Virginia Highlands Community College

  • ALERT:  VHCC Operations Update – March 15, 2020

Dear VHCC Students,

As you know, the coronavirus situation (COVID-19) is rapidly changing, and there have been important new developments. 
Please be reminded that Spring Break has been extended by one week (March 16-20).  In addition, we are asking that you – and other outside guests – not visit campus.  It is important that you regularly check your student email, the college website, myvhcc, and Canvas to receive important class and student service information.  Out of an abundance of caution, the testing center and computer labs will be closed this week; your faculty will be contacting you about alternate testing plans.
We’ll send out more information about classes later this week.

Please know that these changes have been made to support our highest priority:  the health and safety of our college community.  We know that this message leaves many unanswered questions, but please continue to be patient as we work through the details in a thoughtful way. 
I encourage you to continue to prevent the spread of infectious disease through adherence to CDC infection control protocols such as handwashing, hygiene, household sanitation, and social distancing.  Please be safe, and I look forward to seeing you back on campus,

Adam Hutchison, Ph.D.
Virginia Highlands Community College