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Parking Regulations

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The college controls traffic and parking in the interest of public safety and to maintain orderly conduct. Traffic patterns may be altered periodically when warranted by special events, ongoing campus construction or road repairs. When possible, advanced notification of altered traffic patterns will be made by the Office of the Vice President of Finance and Administration and posted on the Internet, in special college bulletins, and on signs throughout campus.

Special Parking Authorization

Parking permits to park in handicapped/disability spaces for duration of three months may only be issued by the Campus Police. These permits must be visible in car and contain the name of the person it is issued to, the signature of Campus Police and the expiration date. Upon appeal, the Vice President of Administration may extend the permit for three additional months.

Designated Areas and No Parking Areas

The area surrounding the Mechanical Technologies Building is reserved strictly for use as a loading zone, for emergency, state owned, and delivery vehicles, and for people with disabilities. No parking will be permitted along the roads or in any places not designated as parking areas without specific authorization.

  •  Lot. 1
    Administration Building Parking Area A section of the parking area in front of the Administration Building is designated for visitor parking. The remainder of this lot is open for faculty, staff, and parking for people with disabilities authorized to park in this restricted area.
  • Lot 2
    Mechanical Technologies Building Parking Area The parking area located on the east end of the campus (to the east of the Mechanical Technologies Building) is designated for faculty, staff, guests, people with disabilities, and students. Due to the design of this lot and safety considerations, traffic is restricted to one-way as indicated. Pull through or back-in parking is prohibited.
  • Lot 2N (North of Lot 2)
    This lot is unrestricted.
  • Parking Lot 2S (South of Lot 2)
    This lot is unrestricted.
  • Parking Lot 3 - Lower Campus Parking Area
    All parking not otherwise designated (students, overflow of faculty, staff, and visitors) is restricted to the large parking lot located at the bottom of the hill adjacent to Interstate 81.
  • Parking Lot 4 - Nursing Education Building Area
    Several spaces are always reserved for people with disabilities and visitors as indicated. Half of this lot is reserved for faculty and staff until 1:30 pm. After this time parking of any vehicle is permitted on a first come basis. Yellow spaces are for faculty and staff. White spaces are for student use.
  • Parking Lot 4N (North of Lot 4)
    This lot is unrestricted.
  • Parking Lot  5 (East of Tennis Courts - gravel lot)
    This lot is unrestricted.
  • Parking Lot 6 (Playing Field Area)
    This lot is available for students and others while using the playing field, tennis or volleyball courts, or nature fitness trail, and for overflow of Lots 4 and 5. It may also be designated for special groups.
  • Parking Lot 7 (Westof Tennis Courts - gravel lot)
    This lot is unrestricted.

Violations of Parking Regulations

Violations of Parking and Traffic Regulations - For purposes of safety and appearance, no parking is allowed along the roadway or in places not designated for parking. Warnings will be issued for first-time offenses. Second (and chronic) violations will be handled on a case-by-case basis subject to the normal disciplinary measures. Failure to obey signs or verbal directions for traffic control will normally result in charges being made against the violator under the “Student's Rights and Responsibilities Code” or the “Employee Standards of Conduct and Performance.”

Penalties for Violation of Parking Regulations - For failure to park within designated parking areas the following system has been adopted (records of offenses are based on a 12 month year, beginning August 16 and ending August 15 of each year).

Unauthorized Parking in a Handicapped-Only Designated Spot:

1st offense - $100
2nd offense -$200
3rd offense - $300
4th offense - $400
5th offense - $500

When a person has received one citation for unauthorized parking in a handicapped parking space, he/she will be written a letter from Campus Police warning them that their vehicle is subject to towing (at the owner’s expense) if they continue to violate the parking policy.

Per Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles:

It is unlawful to:

  • park in a space reserved for disabled individuals without displaying your disabled placard or plates. A conviction of this offense could result in fines from $100 to $500.
  • park in a space designated for the disabled unless you are transporting the person to whom the disabled placard or plates have been issued. A conviction of this offense could result in fines of up to $500 and/or the revocation of your disabled parking privileges, requiring you to surrender your placard or plates.

It is also illegal to:

  • create or use a counterfeit copy of a disabled parking placard or license plates.
  • alter a disabled parking placard or license plates.
  • make a false statement about a disability in order to obtain or assist someone else in obtaining a disabled parking placard or license plates.

Convictions for these offenses, which are Class II Misdemeanors, could result in fines of up to $1,000 and up to six months in jail. Additionally, DMV may revoke your disabled parking privileges, requiring you to surrender your placard or plates.

Failure to Pay Fine - If the fine is not paid within 7 calendar days, the individual will be charged with a separate offense for failure to follow College rules and regulations and the matter will be referred to the appropriate disciplinary body for administrative action (e.g., Student Judiciary Committee, supervisor).

Enforcement of Parking and Traffic Regulations - The Vice President of Financial and Administrative Services has responsibility for the administration of parking and traffic policies, and will assign college personnel to issue decals, issue citations, direct traffic and otherwise enforce campus parking and traffic regulations. Campus Police Work Study Students are authorized to issue warnings only for parking violations; citations resulting in a fine (such as handicapped parking violations) are to be issued by a uniformed officer only. Individuals receiving campus citations must report to the Business Office to pay their fines. ALL FINES MUST BE PAID WITHIN ONE WEEK AFTER THE CITATION IS ISSUED. Failure to do so will result in administrative action as described above.

Appeal Procedure - Under normal circumstances, assuming fair and consistent enforcement of the parking regulations, no appeal will be necessary. However, for those instances in which the individual feels that there have been extenuating circumstances or errors in the process, there is a two-step procedure for administrative review and appeal. Appeals must be made within seven calendar days of the citation. Appeals may be required to be in writing.

  1. The Campus Police Chief. This officer will discuss these matters with individuals who have an appeal. He is authorized to take actions he feels are appropriate, fair, and equitable with respect to voiding citations.
  2. The Vice President of Financial and Administrative Services. By appointment, this individual will sit as an appeal court to hear matters not resolved through discussion with the Campus Police Chief. His action is final and concludes the process of administrative review. Students wishing to appeal actions or decisions of the Vice President of Financial and Administrative Services or his staff on grounds of unfair or prejudicial practice may utilize the appeals procedure provided for cases involving charges of unfair practice on the part of faculty members.

Where necessary, the Vice President of Financial and Administrative Services may refer cases of chronic offenders to the Vice President of Instruction and Student Services with a recommendation that disciplinary action be considered.