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Student Responsibilities

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  1. A student's job is an employment opportunity which will give valuable work experience. Sometimes the job will be directly connected with a student's major, sometimes not, but in all cases, it is employment which will give experience in a work situation. The supervisor is a potential reference when seeking employment after leaving VHCC. 

  2. The Financial Aid Office is responsible for your job assignment. Be prepared for an interview with a prospective employer. A signed Placement Form must be returned to the Financial Aid Office before a student is officially hired -- work done before submitting a signed Placement Form to the Financial Aid Office will not be paid by Federal Work-Study funds. The number of hours available to work is listed on the Placement Form and is subject to change based on availability of funds and eligibility of student. 

  3. You are required to notify the Financial Aid Office of any name or address change. Name changes cannot officially be made without a copy of new social security card. 

  4. You and your supervisor should set up a time schedule of when you will be able to work. Examine your class schedule realistically when allowing time for your job assignment. Stick to your schedule once it is arranged. 

  5. It is the student’s responsibility to submit their timesheet to the Financial Aid Office, after obtaining the supervisors signature. It is the supervisor’s responsibility to ensure that the timesheet is correct. A late timesheet will result in a delay in pay for the student. 

  6. It is important to use your time well and avoid socializing on the job this includes social networking such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, personal email and other personal usage of the computer. Misuse will be reason for immediate job dismissal. If your supervisor doesn’t have you working on anything, you are expected to be studying or completing course work. 

  7. Report to work on time and with regularity. If you are going to be absent because of illness or any "justifiable reason", you must call the supervisor personally as early in the working day as possible. Permission to be absent for other reasons should be requested, not expected. 

  8. A student employee must act in a professional manner concerning confidentiality of college and student records and confidentiality of information which comes to the student by virtue of his/her work. Breaches of such confidentiality and any act of dishonesty are just cause for immediate dismissal from the Federal Work Study Program. 

  9.  FWS jobs are normally terminated at the end of each academic year, however, a student employee must carry out the following procedure if he/she wishes to cease working: two weeks before quitting, talk to the Financial Aid Office and your supervisor about your intention to stop work. Before quitting your job, you must submit a completed Release Form with your supervisor's signature to the Financial Aid Office. This is absolutely necessary because a work assignment is part of your total financial aid package. 

  10.  Federal Work Study students are expected to dress neatly and appropriately for the department in which they work. Each student should check with their immediate supervisor to determine the departmental dress requirements.