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Supervisor's Responsibilities

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It is extremely important that the supervisor understands the responsibilities as a supervisor in accepting work-study students. Without proper supervision, the Federal Work-Study funding may be placed in jeopardy.

  1. All work-study requests must be submitted in advance, on a standard FWS Request Form, to the Financial Aid Office.

  2. Prospective employees will be sent to you with a Placement Form. Please interview the candidate and make sure that the student will be suitable for the functions you have in mind. The maximum hours the student may work is listed on the Placement Form and is subject to change based on availability of funds and eligibility of student. Upon completion of the interview, if you would like to hire the student, sign the Placement Form and return it to the Financial Aid Office. Students will not be paid until this Placement Form is returned. Work done without this confirmation will not be paid by Federal Work-Study funds.

  3. Students will be expected to perform their assigned tasks while working for an employer. It is illegal for us to pay a student with work-study funds if the student is not working. Therefore, supervisors will be expected to see that students assigned to their departments have enough work and are not socializing on the job (this includes online social networks and misuse of VHCC computers).  See
    VHCC Computer Acceptable Use Policy

  4. The supervisor should report any difficulties and ineffective service to the Financial Aid Officer if he/she cannot cope with the problem.

  5. The student must complete the required timesheet in HRMS. Timesheets must be completed according to the procedures listed and hard copy turned in by the ending date listed. It is the supervisor’s responsibility to make sure the student’s timesheet is completed correctly, signed and turned in by the due date.

  6. The supervisor must give the student a warning at least one week prior to dismissal from a job. The reason for dismissal must be made clear to the student by the supervisor. The Financial Aid Officer must be informed, in writing, of the intention and reasons for releasing the work-study student. A Release Form must be completed by the supervisor and returned to the Financial Aid Office.