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Testing Center Policies

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  • All individuals must present a photo ID in order to take any test in the VHCC Testing Center
  • All individuals must sign in prior to taking any test in the VHCC Testing Center
  • No cell phones allowed in the VHCC Testing Center
  • No electronic devices (including smart watches, FitBits and Fitbit like devices) allowed in the VHCC Testing Center
  • Students must leave all personal belongings (including cell phones) in one of the storage cubicles prior to entering the Testing Center
  • No textbooks, books, notes, or other materials allowed in the testing center (unless authorized by the instructor) *these will be indicated on the instructors Test Entry Form*
  • Students should arrive early and allow themselves ample time to complete their tests when testing at the Testing Center
  • Students who are still testing at the time of closing will be required to submit or exit their test
  • No talking or other disturbances are allowed in a testing center
  • Students who have testing accommodations should contact the tutoring center (276-739-2583) in advance to schedule testing times
  • No visitors allowed while students are taking tests


Non-VHCC students requesting to test at the Testing Center:

  • Students that attend another college and request to have VHCC administer their tests must obtain a proctor form from the college they are attending and submit it to the VHCC Testing Center for approval.  If a proctor form is not available the instructor of the course or a designated representative must contact the VHCC Testing Center Specialist to make arrangements for testing.