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SAILS Training

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Tips for Using SAILS
Student Assistance and Intervention for Learning Success

At the 15% point in the semester faculty are required to use SAILS to withdraw students. This absolutely must be completed to meet financial aid regulations. Faculty will be prompted via email to enter SAILS and document withdrawals for students who have never attended.

Faculty will receive a second survey request at the 60% point in the semester. Faculty are not required to raise flags at this point but they must submit this survey even if they have no progress to report. Easy to follow instructions will arrive via e-mail explaining this process.

Throughout the semester, SAILS may be used to alert applicable campus personnel of needed student interventions. Faculty are encouraged to use SAILS when they feel intervention by other college personnel is warranted. However, faculty are always encouraged to first reach out to their students via e-mail, phone, or personal interaction.

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