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Payline Login



How to Enroll in Payline

  1. Go to  Enter your Employee Number (if you are a full-time employee, your employee number is the number on your health insurance card with two zeroes in front of it – don’t use the letters. If you are not a full-time employee, you can get your Employee Number from the HR/Payroll Office at extension 2425 or 2530). After you are enrolled in Payline, you may create a Personal ID number of your choice.
  2. Click on Forgot Password/New Account button on the left of the page.
  3. You may choose to have your temporary password: a) sent to you on your next earning notice or b) you may choose to have your temporary password sent to the VHCC HR Manager (Laura McClellan) and she will forward it to you. The second method is much quicker and is usually accomplished on the same day that you make the request.
  4. After receiving the temporary password, you can access Payline (at the address above) and change your password to a password of your choice. At this point, you have access to all the records available to you in Payline.

How to Opt-Out of Receiving Paper Earnings Notices

  1. Log on to Payline (  Click on “Main Menu” (on the left of page)
  2. Click on “Personal Options”
  3. Click on “Edit”
  4. Click on the drop down arrow beside “Rec Earnings Notice”
  5. Select “No”
  6. Click on “Accept”

Payline Security Enhancements - December 3, 2009

Additional security measures are being added to Payline to further ensure the safety of your personal earnings and benefit data. These enhancements will be implemented effective Thursday, December 3, 2009.  Payline passwords must now conform to new standards. Payline users will be required to change their existing passwords to meet the new standard as detailed below.

In the past, Payline passwords were not case sensitive. Because of this, many users may not recall how their current password was originally entered. On December 3 your existing password will be changed to all upper case to aid in the roll out of the security enhancements. Be sure to enter your current password in all capital letters when entering Payline on or after December 3.

After entering your current password (in all upper case), you will automatically be required to establish a new password which must meet the criteria listed below. Upon successful completion of establishing your new password, you will also be required to store answers to two security questions selected from a drop-down list of potential questions. These answers are an important aid in helping you retrieve your password if you should need to do so.

If you have stored a valid email address in your Payline record, you will receive an email from or *Payroll on December 3 as the system converts your password to all capital letters. If you have not entered and/or updated your email address in Payline, please do so by going to Main Menu, then Personal Options, then Edit. Add, verify or update your email address, then click on Accept.

Payline Security Enhancements effective December 3, 2009:

    • Elimination of use of Social Security Number to log in. You must now use your nine-digit employee identification number or a previously established Personal ID to access Payline. If you do not know your ID number, please contact Laura McClellan at (276)739- 739-2425. (If you have insurance coverage through VHCC, you can find your ID number on your insurance card. You will need to add two zeroes to the beginning of the number.)
    • Requirement for creation of a personal “pass phrase” when requesting a temporary password. This pass phrase will be required only during the first access to Payline with a temporary password and will be known ONLY to the individual who requested the temporary password.
    • Passwords
      • Passwords are case sensitive
      • Passwords must meet the following requirements:
        • Must be at least eight characters in length
        • Must utilize at least three of the following four:
          • Special characters (limited to $ ! @ { } & ~ + ? [ ])
          • Alphabetical characters
          • Numerical characters
          • Combination of upper case and lower case letters

                                                            Examples of valid passwords: Te2Acg15; ast$1518; my&I&me

    •   Storage of two challenge questions and answers
    • Ability to reset your own password when the current password is forgotten by answering the stored security questions.
    • Ability to hide and unhide W-2 data by answering the stored security questions
    • Prevention of the use of the last 24 passwords previously used.

If you have questions regarding this notice, please contact Laura McClellan at 739-2425 or Gleneda Sproles at 739-2530.