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Administrative & Educational Support Units

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Assessment Schedule and Responsibilities

Administrative and educational support units complete assessment annually. Directors/Department Heads ensure assessment data is entered for their area into WEAVEonline®. Mission, Outcomes/Objectives, and Measures are set for the current fiscal year in the fall (Due by September 30th). Findings and Action Plan are completed the following summer (Due by June 30th). Administrators and Staff may request assistance from the Director of Institutional Research and Effectiveness or assistance may be provided during scheduled training sessions throughout the year. Below is an illustration of a complete annual assessment cycle.

Administrative and Educational Support Units Assessment Cycle

Upon submission, data will be reviewed and feedback will be provided to the Director/Department Head by the Director of Institutional Research and Effectiveness. The President’s staff ensure all Directors/Department Heads have completed assessment reports for their area(s) and the reports are complete and submitted by the designated date to the Director of Institutional Research and Effectiveness.