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Educational Programs

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 Assessment Schedule and Responsibilities


Student Outcomes Assessment for educational programs occurs every academic year. Academic Deans ensure that each Major/Degree awarded within their division is assessed. Program Coordinators, with feedback from other faculty within their discipline, are responsible for entering data for their program into WEAVEonline®.

Mission, Outcomes/Objectives, and Measures are set for the current academic year in the fall (Due by Sept. 30th). Faculty members receive instruction from the Institutional Effectiveness Officer and may be provided an opportunity during the annual August in-service to complete these items. Findings and Action Plan are completed in May and must be submitted no later than the following fall (due by Sept. 30th). Below is an illustration of a complete annual assessment cycle.

Assessment Cycle

Academic Deans ensure faculty have completed assessment reports for their area(s). The Vice President for Instruction and Student Services ensures all reports are complete and submitted by the designated date to the Director of Institutional Research and Effectiveness. Upon submission, data will be reviewed and feedback will be provided to the Program Coordinator by the Director of Institutional Research and Effectiveness.