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Unmanned Aerial Systems

Introduces students to the history of small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS), surveys current platforms, applications, components, and sensors. Covers the theory of flight, operations, manual flight, maintenance, and required record keeping. Introduces mission planning, crew management, and autonomous control. Emphasizes the ethical, legal, and safe use of sUAS.

Math & Science

Students in the mathematical modeling course will master a common core of content and activities embodying those rudiments of mathematical modeling accessible to students with a background in introductory algebra and geometry.

Students in the math/science course will develop enhanced communication and cooperative skills.

Students in the math/science course will develop their higher-level learning skills and an understanding of the nature and importance of these skills

Play Analysis and Production 

The program provides various activities of play production including participation in performance, study of set design, stage carpentry, costuming, props, and Broadway and regional plays.

Students will be exposed to a broad range of theatrical experience as a humanities enrichment undertaking.

Students will develop enhanced communication and cooperative learning skills.