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Across the nation and throughout our region, business leaders indicate that one of their greatest challenges is finding employees with the interpersonal and professional skills required for success in the 21st century workplace. Today’s college graduates often possess the technical skills needed to perform the job, but fall short with the  “soft skills” that enable them to be on time for work, dress appropriately, communicate effectively, contribute to a team and exhibit other characteristics that would transform them from acceptable employees into great employees.

Virginia Highlands Community College is stepping up to this challenge with an ambitious project called LearningPLUS+. LearningPLUS+ combines soft skills instruction with meaningful hands-on experiences in our courses to produce a better-prepared graduate and employee. VHCC’s LearningPLUS+ initiative begins in Fall Semester 2017 and includes a detailed evaluation tool that allows us to gauge and track each student’s success. Additionally, students will be required to look beyond the classroom to complete a comprehensive capstone experience prior to graduation.

At VHCC, we’re committed to LearningPLUS+ because we’re committed to student success and the needs of our communities. LearningPLUS+ is VHCC’s way of ensuring our graduates have the skills they need to be successful in life and in the workplace.

LearningPLUS+ Resources

For more information contact Ken Fairbanks, Director of LearningPLUS+, 276-739-2462.