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About the College

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Virginia Highlands Community College is one of the 23 comprehensive community colleges in the Virginia Community College System. VHCC has become a dynamic leader in Southwest Virginia with a primary goal of providing comprehensive and quality education and related services for residents throughout its region. We are in our forty-eighth year of proudly serving the residents of Bristol Virginia, Washington County and the Western Part of Smyth County. The College is committed to teaching, learning and community building and served more than 2500 students this past year.
Virginia Highlands Community College offers more than 70 academic areas of study. Our curriculum includes career-oriented programs as well as those designed for transfer to a four-year college or university. These programs are offered in multiple formats including on-campus and at off-campus sites and through distance learning. Also, dual enrollment programs allow students to earn college credit while still in high school.
As part of a recently completed strategic planning process, VHCC has updated the college mission, vision, and core values as well as the college logo. All of these changes are part of an ongoing process designed to keep VHCC relevant and responsive to the students, area businesses, and local community.
Service Region

Washington County, the western portion of Smyth County, and the city of Bristol, Virginia


VHCC Service Region