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Justin Zhang

When it was time for Justin Zhang to decide on his next step after high school, he knew that Virginia Highlands was going to be a great fit for him. Justin already had gotten involved in VHCC as a high school student by taking dual enrollment classes, allowing him to save money on college credits. He knew that he wanted a Bachelor’s Degree, but he didn’t want to take on thousands of dollars of debt for his degree. The low cost of tuition at VHCC meant that he could receive his first two years of college for free, ultimately saving him tens of thousands in tuition costs.


Once Justin got to VHCC, he immediately felt at home and welcomed by staff, faculty, and other students alike. He was able to earn extra money by joining the work study program, which also gave him the opportunity to get to know staff and other students. “I have met many great people on campus who all have been beneficial to me during my time here,” said Justin.

Justin will graduate in May 2022 with an Associate’s Degree in General Studies and a Health Sciences Certificate. After graduating, he will transfer to a four year college or university of his choice to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Sport Management.

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